2 Sun-Glare Safety Tips You Should Use In Every Low-Visibility Driving Situation

August 3rd, 2017 by

When the sun is low in the sky before sunset or after sunrise, the glare it causes can be blinding. Bright glare impedes driving visibility as much as driving at night, or during a rainstorm. To reach your destination safely, use the same techniques you would use in any other low-visibility situation.

Turn on Your Headlights

Many drivers only use their headlights when they need the additional light to see the road. However, even when it’s bright out, headlights help other drivers see you. When you’re blinded by road glare, you might only see an oncoming car by its headlights.

Slow Down

When you can’t see the road ahead, do you continue charging forward at the posted speed limit? If you can’t see the road, slow down to a safe speed, and increase the distance between you and the vehicle ahead. This gives you more time to react to anything hidden from your view.

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